Thursday, January 04, 2007

Only two projects?

Here are the photos of work in progress, as promised:

The Irish Hiking Scarf in Lamb's Pride worsted, color "Blue Heirloom"

The Visor Beanie, in progress.

You can see the visor part, that was actually the easiest part of the whole thing. The hard part has been getting the shape of the hat right. I wanted to show you the original, but the Manchild must be wearing it today because I can't find it. It's a little bit looser than a traditional beanie. I'm trying to write down what I'm doing and will post the pattern when it's finished.

Now, to catch up on my swap posts. Here, finally, is a pic of my last SP9 pal box:

I'm quite late in putting a pic on my blog as I received this box before Christmas! It contained all kinds of goodies. Two skeins of yarn, a "Christmasy" merino from Hill Country yarns and a gorgeous skein of baby mohair/silk yarn called "Douceur et Soie," lace weight. Also included were a santa tape measure, a tiny sweater keychain, the winter issue of Vogue, some incense, chocolate, some mulling spices, and she even included some treats for the Murray, Kimi and Chuckie! We all say THANKS! What a great job she did, as a Secret Pal. I can't wait to find out who she is!

This morning I ordered the final things for the last box to my Secret Pal and a mitten kit for my KMKS pal. I have almost everything now for both boxes.

In other news, it's supposed to be in the forties today. Bye, bye snow!


loribird said...

Nice scarf! The beanie looks like its coming along nicely too. There's a pattern for a similar hat in the second Stitch 'n' Bitch book, if you need help with it. Looks fabuloso though.
Sorry you're having such a sweltering winter. We had a full-on blizzard yesterday, and I'm about tired of shoveling the driveway by now...

Anonymous said...

Pretty scarf! I love that color.