Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Anyone out there?

I've been thinking about blogging quite a bit lately (gee, I wonder why). When you think about it, blogging really is a little bit bizarre. I wonder if it's something that's done mostly by extroverts who have a need to connect with the entire earth? I am decidedly an introvert and so I feel a bit "exposed" by blogging. If anyone ever does comment, I think I'll freak out (just a little bit).

When I was younger (high school, college) I always kept a journal. I still have them. As I got into the "real" world I found it much harder to find time to journal and I got out of the habit. That's one of the things that appeals to me about this experiment in blogging, getting back into the habit of journaling. The weird thing about this is that it's so PUBLIC (and I don't know if there's anyone even reading it). This pushes me a bit beyond my comfort level in some ways -- being so very out there.

What appeals to me about the bloggers, especially the knitters and spinners, is the sense of community they share. I can't even remember how I first stumbled on it, but the first blog I ever started reading was the Yarn Harlot. I was hooked, not only because Stephanie is a gifted writer and gut wrenchingly funny, but because of her compassion and caring for this whole group of people, most of whom she had never met in person. In time, I discovered other blogs, always because of a link or a comment that took me there. But in all that time, I've never once commented on a blog or done anything other than lurk in the background. Which means that even though I feel in some ways that I "know" the blogger, they likely don't even know I exist. I wonder if that feels a bit weird to someone like Stephanie who tours and is now meeting all these folks who have read her blog. I guess that's part of being any kind of a "celebrity." Even the knitting kind.

Ok, enough navel gazing. I've been wanting to try lace knitting forever and finally bought some Alpaca Mist lace. I've tried to start a #$%^@+ scarf four, maybe five times and it's driving me nuts. I finally decided that maybe part of the problem is the needles. I've been using basic old clover bamboo needles and I think the tip is way too blunt for lace. Plus the yarn sticks like crazy. Last night I ran over to my favorite LYS, Borealis Yarn, and found these cool plastic needles. Normally I don't go for plastic but these felt really good, have nice pointy points and are even flexible. Can't remember the name of them but I think they come from New Zealand? And they were even cheap...I mean inexpensive. Can't wait to try them out tonight.

I've also been working on a log cabin something from Mason-Dixon knitting. I say "something" because I'm not sure what it's going to be. A blanket? Pillow? Bedspread? Curtains? (just kidding...maybe). I like the log cabin stuff because it's quick and portable (and because I'm a quilter wannabe who HATES to sew). I travel quite a bit for my job and I try to have one very portable, self-contained project handy at all times. The log cabin knitting is a nice break from socks and I can use up all my leftovers. One of these days I'll get the camera out and post some photos of what I'm working on.

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