Saturday, September 02, 2006

Up to my elbows in wood stain

My new beautiful Minstrel spinning wheel arrived yesterday! I came home from work and there she was, sitting on my doorstep. I pulled her in, unpacked her and had to marvel, she really is a thing of beauty.

So of course, the family had to troop over to Rockeler to pick out just the right stain. The spouse and manchild love Rockeler anyway (sort of a wood-workers equivalent to a LYS) and never need much of a reason to go there. I came home from Rockelers with a can of General finish in "Nutmeg" and started to work. At 9 p.m. Five and a half hours later I was finished with the first coat. I love it. It's gorgeous. But that wheel part was a bitch. Not looking forward to putting a second coat on that wheel.

I have 2 inches of a lace scarf done. I really, really like the new needles I got at Borealis. They're called Bryspun and they are from New Zealand. And, as I mentioned in my last entry, they're plastic and flexible. But they're working really well for lace. Now, this is the first lace project I've tried and I have to ask: That tangle of thread hanging off the needles really does turn out to look like something? Talk about knitting on faith...

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