Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Meet the neighbors!

There have been four houses up for sale on our immediate block this summer (trying not to feel paranoid.... is it us?). One of them is right next door. The housing market has really cooled here so it's been on the market almost all summer and has gone through two price drops. As you might guess, we've been a bit anxious about who the New Neighbors will be.

Well, after sitting all summer, the rumors started flying around the neighborhood that it had not only sold, but that they were going to close that week and move in over Labor Day weekend! The spouse and I went on a fact-finding jaunt and discovered the following (all purported to be Absolutely True).

1) The buyers were two brothers, single, both "middle aged," who came to the house with their parents.

2) The father-parent had a clipboard and spent many hours looking the house over, including climbing on the roof.

3) The mother-parent could be seen measuring things. Many things.

4) No description of the brothers, except to say that one of them was balding.

Anxiety increased. Two BROTHERS? Single? Who had to bring their PARENTS along when buying the house? Ok, all my biases are showing but I was thinking that this couldn't be good. The vision I had in my head was from the old Bob Newhart show, you know, "This is my brother Daryl and this is my other brother Daryl..."

Just as we were making plans to keep our son well away from them, another neighbor reported that she had gotten herself over there to say "hi" and discovered that it's a gay couple!! You can't imagine the relief.

So, we did what any self-respecting lesbian couple would do, we immediately invited them over for dinner and told them the wherabouts and life story of every other gay or lesbian couple in the neighborhood! They are a delightful doctor/professor pair that just got back from spending a year in Germany. They like dogs. We couldn't be happier. And yes, we really ARE taking over the neighborhood. Suburbia, who'dv guessed?

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loribird said...

Congrats on the cool new neighbors!
We live next to a rental cottage, and across from a fundamentalist minister - we don't have dinner with the neighbors. Ever.
I saw you left a comment on my site asking about links - email me and I'd be happy to help out. The Blogger Help section is very useful, but hard to navigate. I'm new to it myself, but catching on okay...