Sunday, September 17, 2006

Of lace, swaps and spinning

Lace may not be my thing... I have started and ripped the #%@&#+! alpaca lace scarf too many times to count. I finally decided that maybe it wasn't so smart to try my first lace project with actual lace yarn. So, I tried the same pattern with a worsted weight yarn. It was MUCH easier and I think I more or less got the hang of it. I eventually ripped it out too because it just wasn't the right yarn for the project and it looked awful. So, the scarf is kaput, may it rest in peace.

Does lace get easier? I lust after all these gorgeous lace shawls but I have to think it would drive me absolutely nuts to try to knit one of those suckers.

On to better things: I GOT MY SWAP BOX! It held gorgeous stuff, including some beautiful Merino Wool top, some Bluefaced Leicester and some Ingeo! Also included were lots of fun patterns to try. Thanks, Tamara, you made my first swap a real treat! I can't wait to get spinning. Here's another shot of the gorgeous hand-painted.

This afternoon, I'm going on a field trip to buy the fiber for my secret pal, so hopefully I'll have her box ready to ship very soon! This swap stuff is great!

Ok, did I mention that I love my new Minstrel spinning wheel? Presenting the very first handspun, handpainted yarn to come off my wheel and I'm pretty darn proud of it. It's not perfect, but it's definately usable! Now I just have to decide what to make with it!I have more fiber to spin, but this is as much as would fit on the bobbin (if I counted right, it's about 414 yards). Some of it is awfully thin though.

The socks for the spouse are finished! I told her she couldn't wear them until I took a photo, so I figured I better get that done. Here they are, made from Moda Dea "Sassy Stripes" yarn. The spouse is allergic to wool, so I have to make her acrylic socks. Yuck. (Yes, I'm a yarn snob.) I have to say, though, that as acrylic yarn goes, this stuff isn't too bad. It's a worsted weight, so it knits up really fast. I have more yarn to make her a second pair. She says they'll make great Birkenstock socks. The handspun and the socks are all I've accomplished this week, but considering I've been down with a cold (compliments of the new school year) I'll take it!

Fall is moving in quickly, tomorrow we're supposed to have highs in the 40's and low 50's. Sigh. I love fall, but I'm not so fond of winter.


loribird said...

Ooo, your spinning looks so nice. And soft! I can't wait for my roving box to arrive - in all the excitement of putting on together, I kind of forgot I'll be getting one too!

Is your spouse alllergic to alpaca? There are some decent alpaca sock yarns out there; I think I saw some on the Carrodan Farms website...

Spinning Dervish said...

The jury is still out on alpaca, that's what the *#$%@+ scarf was supposed to test. But, you know, I could make her socks and then KEEP them if they cause her to itch! :)